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Member's Page

This page is being updated to include all the members of the Abbey. I will add our members as I get the needed information.

Lord Sebastien de Vymont
Purpure, two foxes sejant guardant respectant and on a chief embattled Or three crosses fleury fitchy sable
MKA: Mike Beedy
Lady Emma verch Howell
Per pall inverted gules, vert and argent, two maple leaves argent and a beaver statant gules.
MKA: Karen Beedy

Lord Bonaventura da Castelfranco
No known blazon
MKA: Dean Miller
Lady Agatha of the Abbey
No known blazon
MKA: Jennifer Miller
Lady Milicent Shiveley
Azure, a lion sejant maintaining a lily Or, slipped vert, between three cresents argent.
MKA: Robin O'Neal
The Honorable Lord Donal Oneal
No known blazon.
MKA: Donny O'Neal
Lord Jean-Claude de Lyon
Gryonny gules and Or, a ram courant argent between in pale two fleurs-de lys counterchanged.
MKA: Nicholas O'Neal

Thomas de Witt
No known blazon
MKA: Thomas Witt

Lady Mahaut de la Mare
Ermine, a coney courant gules and on a chief sable three cresent argent.
MKA: Wanda Jordan
Lord Tomas Tryggvarsson
No known blazon
MKA: Thomas Tritt
Lady Eleanor de Monfort of Atlantia
Per bend argent and vert, in cross a roundel between four crescents, horns outwards, all counterchanged